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About Us

Copper Moon Distillery, Inc. is Springfield, MA's first legal distillery since prohibition. We produce Apple Pie Moonshine, Sweet Lemon Moonshine, Bourbon, Straight Bourbon, Hickory Smoked Rye and Vodka. Our spirits are distributed throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We're located at 69 Parker St, Indian Orchard, MA. *We do not ship alcohol.

Our Spirits

Distributed throughout MA, CT and Rhode Island.
apple pie moonshine
Apple Pie Moonshine
Produced with fresh pressed cider, brown sugar and corn white whiskey. At 70 proof it's like a fresh apple pie.
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Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Single barrel aged, #4 Char, lots of wood. Deep and pleasant.
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Sweet Lemon Moonshine
Produced with fresh lemon concentrate, white cane sugar and white whiskey. At 60 proof it's like fresh lemon pie.
copper moon distillery
Made from 100% German Wheat from Bamberg, Germany. 80 proof of smoothness.
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Devil's Daughter Moonshine
Devil's Daughter, 125 proof Corn Whiskey is a pleasant surprise of smoothness. Mashed w/ 55% corn.
lemon moonshine
Hickory Smoked Rye Whiskey
Made with 100% German malted rye, aged in #4 Char, new American oak. If you like rye, great flavor, oak and a real smoothness, seek this out.
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